There are a few simple requirements to your jeans regardless of the model your prefer:

  • your jeans must be comfortable;

  • jeans should not cling into your body;

  • it should not accentiuate tummy and sides if it has any challenges;

  • your jeans model should not make your legs look shorter;

  • good jeans model slightly raises the hips but not flattening them.

     Jeans are acceptable for wearing at any age. You only have to take note figure is naturally changing over years, so you will need to find some more appropriate model.

     Jeans are able to mask figure challenges. Wear monochrome dark color jeans to look slimer. Conversely, if you wanty to look fuller, wear light color jeans, horizontal faded design, back pockets with bright design.

   Some jeans models consist of 100% cotton, other may contain stretch material. Do remember cotton jeans become a bit smaller after wasing so compare two nearest sizes and choose bigger. Skinny jeans is the only exception.

     Typical jeans models are:


Skinny jeans model

  • Skinny jeans model

    Can be worn only with the perfect figure and legs. Tuck them into boots and wear whatever you like on the top.

  • Straight leg (classic)  jeans model

    Straight classic jeans is the worldwide most popular model. As a classic they perfectly fit any type of hips and acceptsble for any age. It’s above the fashion changes and always trendy. It can be teamed with any type of footwear, but do not wear it tucked in. Any top is acceptable for wearing with classic jeans.


Straight Leg jeans model


Flared jeans model

  • Flared jeans model (flaring start above the knee)

    This jeans model is universal and can be worn for most of occasions. Wear fitted top and bluses with this model to balance the volume created by jeand at the bottom. They also look good with folk- and boho-style tops. Petite women should not wear flared jeans as it makes them look shorter. Best suit is for tall and average height ladies.

  • Bootcut jeans model (flaring starts at the knee level)

    This model is good for those who wants to hide their legs. Having at the waist the same visual width as at the bottom, they will balance a figure with heavy hips or not perfect leg shape. Do not tuck them into footwear due to flaring at the bottom.


Bootcut jeans model


Wide leg jeans model

  • Wide leg jeans model

    This jeans model is suitable for all figure type. Being enough wide, it’s able to hide all figure issues at your bottom half. Can be worn with any top. If you like wearing stiletto shoes, slightly cuff this model from the bottom. Do not choose unproportionally wide to your figure models as it creates untidy impression.

  • Boyfriend jeans model

    Name says for itself, model looks like you borrowed jeans from your boyfriend or husband. It was created as an alternative version of skinny jeans model. Do not understand it literally. It should be ladies jeans bought in a ladies fashion store and just imitating man’s jeans model.


Boyfriend jeans model

  • Boyish jeans model

    More feminine version of boyfriend jeans. Again, in fact it’s a jeans model for women. They are a bit loose at the hip area and narrowing from the hip to the anckle.


Boyish jeans model

     Different jeans models look different on variety of body shapes. We will discuss how to choose jeans suitable for your figure.