What are the pants you are wearing most often for your work, study and leisure time? More than sure, you will say – jeans. And this is not a surprise, because jeans allow to create a lot of outfits, can fit any style and can be worn for almost all occasions. 


Jeans style is perfect for daily wear

     Jeans are the hottest trousers type.  Whatever your body shape is, there is a jeans model which will fit you best (you can find more information in our post WHAT JEANS MODEL IS THE BEST FOR YOU and JEANS SELECTION AND CARE TIPS). 

     Jeans style is universal, you can wear jeans on weekend, to work, party.

    Jeans are perfect background for creating any style.

     Find the best quality jeans which ever you are able to find and buy. They are not necessarily to be a top brand or costy, but ensure they have a perfect fit to your figure. Jeans are one of the elements of a basic wardrobe (find our post about basic wardrobe) that’s why their quality is very significant.

     It’s possible to find perfect jeans for any body type and for any taste and budget. Nowadays fashion market offers jeans colors in a great variety from classic blue to pastel and bright colors.

     If you still don’t have perfect jeans for your body, or you are not sure what brand and model suit you best, just go to the store and try as much options as possible. Perfect jeans will fit you ideally, as gloves fitting your hand, and will look excellent with your blouses, tank tops and high heels.

     However there are a few tips how to wear jeans to look your best.

    • Wear your jeans with a jacket in a Chanel style (it doesn’t have to be expensive but must look expensive) or a blue blazer on top of a tank top or t-shirt. Team your jeans and top with necklace or chains and beads.

    • Wear your jeans with feminine silk blouse, large earrings and high heels.

    • Team your jeans with cashmere jacket and attractive necklace.

    • You can combine jeans with the components of a party outfit like silk or shining blouse, dangling earrings.

    • For glamorous look wear jeans with tuxedo (dinner jacket), silk tank top and shoes accentuating the feet heels. It looks the best with black or dark blue jeans.

    • In spring and summer wear jeans with a t-shirt of a bold, bright colour and light sandals with conversely light (not attracting attention) color.

    • Cuff your jeans slightly from the bottom, wear a fashion belt to make it look polished. Team it with white shirt and roll the sleeves around elbow level, keep two top buttons of the shirt unbuttoned. Complete the look with a chick shades. Adding a few these styling touches improves ordinary look significantly.

     Add a bit of creativity, and your jeans style will make you look like a Hollywood star!

     Find more information in the post about most common jeans models

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