Everyone can develop his/her own style

     It is achievable for everyone to develop his/her own style. Sense of style is not something naturally given but a result of daily practice.

    If you want to develop your own style, bring your image to a new level then you have to revise your dressing habits as well as make up and hairstyle.

   Do remember that whatever style you choose, it always has to match your personality, lifestyle, must be complementing to your natural coloring, body shape, scale and body proportions, be appropriate and look modern. Complying to that rules will make you look well-dressed and stylish.

     Making first steps, find answers for following items:

Your daily feeling about dressing up in the morning

Do you feel nervous or lost, not sure what to wear today? Try to find reasons of these feelings. If you don’t have enough time, try to wake a bit earlier not to be so worried. If every morning you cannot choose what to wear today, try to decide in the evening what you will wear in the morning.



If morning is always a rush time for you, plan your daily style in advance in the evening

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Developing your own style, make sure you are wearing proper size clothing

Are you wearing clothing of your proper size?

Sometimes women who got weight recently and haven’t revised their wardrobe yet keep on wearing old clothing. Sometimes the same happens because woman is scared of the new size at clothing tag and doesn’t want to accept it. Even if you still can physically fit into it, this clothing doesn’t look good and makes you visually bigger. Wear the clothing of your proper size.

     Or maybe you wear bigger size clothing than you really need to hide some figure imperfections? In this case many women think there is no clothing on the fashion market which could fit them well and make them look better. It’s always about searching and trying. As an additional option you can consider engaging a tailor who can make your unique clothing.

Do choose the best options

Do not get satisfied with results worse than excellent.


Find your “blind zones”

Think what image items you keep on ignoring or find them insignificant? Is it make up, hairstyling, accessories? They all are important parts of your image. Ignoring one of then pulling your overall look down.

Does daily dressing up make you feel bored? 

Try to think, do you like dressing up for some other occasions? Maybe you like to dress up for a party? You may like dressing up when you see good results of it, making you pretty. You can have this feeling daily if you wear correct clothing and your overall look is perfect. Try it once and you will see the difference. 
If every morning is difficult time for you, and you are not in a good mood, plan your outfit in the evening and just follow in the morning.



Develop your daily style, and you will see good results

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