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Good make up will let you look natural

      I may need to clarify that if you had never worn make up and feel pretty well without it, then you don’t really have to start wearing it – unless you want to try it. But if you like to wear make up, you may consider some tips from this post.      

     Changing your style and bringing it to a new level, it’s also important to consider changing of your make up. Hairstyle and make up is an integral part of the image. Even excellent outfit loses its meaning without appropriate make up and hairstyle.

     Do care of your make up and hair if you want to “upgrade” your image bringing it to a new level. 

     For successful look hair and make up always must be polished. Make up brings colors and hairstyle adds a texture to your overall look.

    Nowadays there is a lot of information on make-up technics and hairstyling so you even don’t have to go to professionals. However it would be the best way if you seek for professional advice.

If you do your make up yourself, remember of a few points:

– Do remember limits

No need to wear too much make up. Or at least it should not be noticeable how many make up you had applied. Make should highlight your natural beauty and correct some imperfections. Too bright make up, specially for daytime, will eclipse your face. Make it as natural looking as possible. People should notice how pretty you are and not how pretty your make up is.

– Correct imperfections using make up

If you have fair eyelashes, do not go out without mascara. If skin tone has greenish undertones, use blush with warm undertone. Face shaping can be done with a bronzer.

– Highlight your advantages

If you have beautiful eyes, use eyeliner to highlight it even more. Have nice lips? Use lipstick to accentuate it.

– Use make up even on weekend

You don’t have to use lots of make up on weekend. But if make up makes you feel more confident or feel more pretty and satisfied with your look, do some basic things: soften eye circles with concealer, add a bit of blush to your chick bones, shape eyebrows, use eyeliner to highlight eyes slightly, and complete the look with mascara. Do not forget to use natural colour lip gloss. All together will take not more than 5 minutes but you will see the difference.

– Do not feel shy wearing make up

If you are not used to wearing make up, you may feel shy first. But try it a few times, you will see good reaction of other people, get compliments and it will encourage you to continue.

– Ensure make up suits your outfit

Bright colour lipstick look good with light color clothing. However if your clothing is enough bright, wearing bright lipstick will look as too much. Keep your lipstick in a few different colours so you will be able to match it with any outfit.

– Shades you are using in make up must be complementing to your natural coloring

Remember that every color type has its own recommended colors for use. You can find in my earlier post how to determine your color type and what color palettes are       recommended for different types. These palettes are applicable not only to wardrobe but to make up as well. Make sure you include right colors into your make up palette.

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