To be correct, under accessory we should understand not only earring, necklaces, rings and other decorative elements but also such a core things like bags, shoes, belts. However bags, shoes and belt do carry a certain functionality aside creating style and image that’s why are commonly used. In this post let’s talk about little details which we add purposely just to make out outfits more attractive and complete with no other functionality.


Accessories are able to change the whole image without changing clothing

     Many women avoid using accessories. Mostly what they use is watch, small earrings worn together with T-shirt and jeans. Some might be explaining they do not find use of accessories important, or they do not have enough time to put them on and etc. But in fact antipathy to accessories is only due to lack of confidence and knowledge about them, and not ability to choose a proper one.

     Using accessories, you can totally change your image thus “signals” sent to other people. Accessories are able to improve not very successful outfit, and turn a good outfit into excellent.

     Next level of accessories is jewelry. If you have some, do not ignore it. Jewelry create the same effect as correctly chosen colors: illuminate the face, make it radiant looking. For this reason jewelry is mostly made from shining materials: gold, silver, brilliants. Purpose of jewelry is to catch and reflect the light, attracting attention to your face, fingers, wrists and etc., wherever you are wearing it. Even simple jeans and T-shirt outfit can be brought to higher level with the use of jewelry.

     Do remember to wear accessories and jewelry appropriate to situation as even a small accessory can transform your look a lot. Every time trying one or another item, ask yourself what this piece will be telling about you. Doing this will help you to choose an accessory proper for every certain event.

     Do not hesitate to try your accessories and see how it looks on you and how it works together with your outfit.

     Wearing a girlish floral dress, team it with a loosely woven belt, and you look becomes much more stylish. Belt creates a volume, texture and contrast, at the same time highlighting the waist. Add here some nice shoes on high or medium heel, a few more accessories – and your look is excellent!

     Accessories work as small details which are always important. They create an overall tone of the look and make it very special.

     However do remember of some limits and avoid wearing too much of accessories together. Also see if your outfit requires any. If you are wearing a dress with lots of pattern, additional accessories may overload it. But if your dress has plain design, monochrome color, it will be a very good background for accessories.

    Every time when you try any accessory (scarves, belts, bags and others), check how it looks with your shoes, coat etc. Make sure it is harmonic with the entire outfit.

    Do not feel shy of wearing or trying accessories. If you do not have a clear idea what exactly is good for you, just spend some time in the store trying and comparing different options. Finally you will find it interesting and will enjoy your accessories.