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     Challenges of all figure types can be overcome and even turned into the assets if you use correct balancing strategies. Balancing strategies are the ways which make your figure type look balanced. In you are short on some area, for example at the waist, you have to keep it uncluttered to make it look longer. Or sloping shoulders can be balanced with shoulder pad (size depends on the fashion at every certain time).

     For a long neck, if you prefer to make it look shorter, try to avoid bare, open, plunging necklines. They will visually increase the length of the neck. So if it is not your purpose you have to choose rather high, stand-up collars. If they are worn open, team them with a choker or a scarve. Do not go for short-cut hairstyles. Your best option is long and full hairstyles.

     For short neck, need to avoid clutter at the neck area with scarves, necklaces, avoid high collars, polo collars, mandarin, cowl collars. Long hairstyles may emphasize the issue. Best options for you are V-shape, scoope, jewel shape necklines visually lengthening the neck. Shorter hairstyles angled at the back is a good hairstyle option for you.

    Thick neck can be visually balanced with V-necklines, open (unbuttoned) shirt collars worn up. Do not choose rounded and short necklines and do not create a clutter at the neck area.

    If you have broad shoulders, what is typical for inverted triangle figure shape, you have to unclutter the shoulder area. Avoid shoulder pads, any details at the shoulders (epualettes etc.), boat and strapless necklines. Your best type of sleeve is reglan or dolman. Wear V-necklines and long necklaces to break the horizontal shoulder line.

    Conversely, if you shoulders are narrow or sloping, shoulder pads, epaulettes, puffed sleeves will make them look broader. Boat-shaped and slashed necklines make visual widening effect. Avoid dolman and reglan sleeves, V-shape and strapless necklines.

    Long arms can be balanced by long sleeves with wide puffs. Plied bracelets, if appropriate to a certain situation, will do a good job. Avoid 3/4 sleeve length or the length just above the wrist. Do not wear tightly fitted sleeves.

    Conversely, short arms figure looks good in 3/4 length sleeves, long sleeves pushed or rolled up. Do not wear sleeves longer than a wrist bone. Try to avoid short sleeves, excessive cuffs, baggy sleeves and piled bracelets to keep the arm are uncluttered.

    If you have a concern about small bust, do not wear tight or clingy tops. Avoid deep and open necklines. Good option is details on the top like pockets, lapels, patterns, horizontal lines. Layering tops and loose fit will create an illusion of fuller bust.

    Big bust, if you prefer to make it look smaller or divert attention from it, can be balanced with open and V-necklines, shoulder pads or broad shoulder designs. Use draping on the top. Drop waistline in dresses or belts same color as the top, over-blouses look good on full-busted figures. Avoid highwaisted skirts, contrasting belts, high neckline and collars, details at the bust area like pockets and etc., cropped jackets.

      Whatever your figure type is, you can look stunning, just dress it according to balancing rules. Results will be outstanding!

      You also can find how to balance bottom body areas.

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