We all have different figure types and different sizes. But there is no such thing like absolutely perfect figure. Even slim models have something what they would like to hide while something is good to accentuate. In fact, actual size does not play a big role in how you look. Proportions is what really matter,

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    Challenges of all figure types can be overcome and even turned into the assets if you use correct balancing strategies. Balancing strategies are the ways which make your figure (regardless of figure type) look balanced. In you are short on some area, for example at the waist, you have to keep it uncluttered to make it look longer. Or sloping shoulders can be balanced with shoulder pad (size depends on the fashion at every certain time).

     If your figure type is long-waisted/low-waisted (find more details in a separate post about how to determine your vertical body proportions), avoid long jackets (3/4 length), drop waists, belts in the same color as top. Your best options are cropped, bolero jackets or 7/8 or 9/10 length just skimming the skirt, empire and high-waistline designs.

     For short-waisted figure types oppositely go for longer jackets ending below hip line. Drop-waisted dresses, over-blouses, narrow belts same color ass top. Your idea is to make torso look longer. Avoid cropped, bolero, short jackets, high-waisted trousers and skirts, wide belts.

    Figures with Wide hips need to avoid accentuating them. Your jackets can be different length but avoid the length just at the widest part of your hips. Jacket’s bottom line has to be either above or lower it. Making it at the widest hips part visually widens them even more. Choose soft easing at the waist to the side of tummy but not gather over hip area. Avoid details and designs at the hip area, keep it uncluttered.

     To balance heavy thighs, use softly gathered waistlines for skirts and trousers. Culottes are also a good option. Avoid shorts, tightly fit skirts, pants, skinny jeans.

     Heavy legs look good in longer skirts. Best length can be just below the knee (at the natural knee curve) or just above the ankle. Choose hosiery to match the shoes color, best is dark or medium but not opaque. Wear simple shoes with a slight heel. Avoid short skirts, flat shoes. Do not wear light color, contrasting color or textured hosiery.

     Skinny legs can be balanced with longer skirts or culottes. Hosiery to be a light color but should match with hemline or shoes. Avoid short skirts, contrasting and colored hosiery and stiletto heels.

     Short legs figures look their best in shorter skirts, shorts, cropped trousers and short jackets. Try monochromatic look for overall outfit or bottom half. Hosiery has to tone with hemline and shoes. Medium to low heels is a best option for you. At the bottom avoid long skirts, wide trousers, palazzo pants, cuffs. Do not choose long jackets for the top as your torso may already be slightly long. Avoid flat shoes and stiletto heels.

You also can find how to balance top body areas.

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