Color tricks will help to create different visual effects

     Wonderful thing about colors is that they can affect the way how other people see us.

     Colors tricks (different colors and their combinations) can help to create different visual effects.

     Some colours are receding and slow to draw the attention of other people. Other colors attract attention in the first place.

      Pastel, light colors and white are very attractive to the eye. Wearing them on certain areas, they immediately attract attention to them. Thus, if you wear it on the bottom, it will bring a lot of attention to it.

    Also this type of colors have a effect of visual enlargement. So if you have a concern on your bottom size, would like to divert attention from it or want to look slimmer at this area, you have to avoid wear light colours at the bottom half.

   Dark colors recede and do not focus the attention as much as light colours. Also they have a “slimming” effect so you may prefer to wear them at the areas which make your concern.

   However do remember that beside your face you have to wear colors from your color palette. Colours from your tops, jackets, scarves, accesories immediately reflect on your face. If you choose dark or black color for your top due to “slimming” effect and it’s not in your color palette, it will make you looking sick and tired. It will divert attention from where you actually want – your face – and bring it to other areas what you may not wish.

   However, if you like wearing black or may need to wear it in some certain events and occasions, situation can be improved with adding accessories or scarve with the colour from your palette taking precedence over top or jacket colour not suitable for you.

   Colour tricks can be used to look taller or smaller.

   For petite ladies good option is to wear one color (combination of different tones is acceptable) from head to toe. You can try monochrome color dress or toning blouse and skirt with a different jackets to look taller. Tone of hoisery and shoes should be the same as skirty color to make legs longer looking. Do not wear color blocks design, especially large size, as it will “break” your body into different parts and make looking shorter.

   Opposite, for tall women color blocks design is a good choice as they have more length of the body. It will be a good option for you if you are tall and want to look smaller. If you like your height and want to emphasize it, you can choose monocromatic look to look even taller than you are. In order to create an interest and “break” the body length, easiest way is to use contrasting belt and hoisery. In this case ensure waistline is what you really want and ready to emphasize.

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