Previously we discussed what are the typical vertical body proportions and how to determine them. You can find information about it in the post Vertical Body Proportions.

Now let’s discuss what are the best ways to dress them!

     Whatever your body proportions are, the only thing what is needed is to make your figure look balanced. Actually this is the secret for making the figure looks good regardless whether we are talking about body shape challenges, body proportions or scale.

     Remember, that any unevenness in proportions or figure challenges can be visually balanced with the use of clothing. And some of them can even be turned into figure advantages!

     Balanced-waisted figures are balanced naturally so you don’t need to balance your vertical body proportions. The only you need to consider is your body shape (you can find more information about body shapes in the post Dominant Body Shapes).

Low-waisted figures (also known as long-waisted figures) need to visually raise their waistline. For this purpose, divert attention from the bottom part and draw it to the top part. You have more length there and more room for displaying interesting fashion details.

Wear belts and details at the waist. Belt should be contrast color or matching bottom color. It will help to elongate bottom part and visually raise the waistline.

Tuck-in styles are good for figures with low-waisted body proportions.

Wear combinations of short tops and jackets with high waisted bottoms. Shift-style dresses (no narrowing at the waist) will also be good for you. If you wear your outfits with high heels, they will make leg lengthening illusion.

Monochrome bottoms will also create visual leg elongating effect. If you wear pants, choose footwear of the same color. That’s also a good way to make legs look longer. And opposite, avoid details and patterns on your bottom and wear them on the top. Remember, you need to divert attention from bottom to top. It will help to balance torso length with the bottom.

Short skirts above the knee look good on low-waisted figures. Only consider your age, muscle tone, constitution and whether it’s acceptable to a certain event or situation. Wear combinations of long jackets and short skirts, shorts, narrow pants or skinny jeans. Avoid long jackets in combination with long skirts as it creates uneven body proportions.

Do not create any cluttering at hip area if you have low-waisted body proportions.

If your figure is high-waisted (also called short-waisted), you need to visually lower the waistline. It can be achieved by diverting attention from waistline and top part to bottom half and legs. You have more length here and more room for displaying fashion details.

Wear low-set (low-slung) belts, pants and skirts without waistband. Long jackets will help to drop appearance of waistline. Long skirts look amazing on high-waisted body proportions.

Skirts are what you can play with: cut on bias, gored skirts, skirts with kick pleats, knife pleats, long sarongs or culottes, skirts with detailed hemlines. Also drop-waisted dresses, over-blouses, large blouson sweaters with skinny jeans or fitting pants will be good choices for high-waisted body proportions.

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