Inverted Triangle Body Shape has shoulders wider than hips


For Inverted Triangle Body Shape it’s typical to have wider hips and narrower shoulders. Top part of the body looks fuller and gets more attention than bottom. When you get weight, mostly it goes to the bust and arms.

     Inverted Triangle Body Shape has two sub-types, however, style recommendations for both are almost the same:

  • athletic type: wide shoulders are result of physical exercise;
  • full-busted figures: bust is larger than hips, hips and bottom are slim, flat, not curvy.

     Full busted figures may be disturb with appropriate attention which large bust draws. You need to divert this attention to your face instead. To do this, wear triangle or oval necklines, opening neck and collar bone. Avoid turtleneck sweaters add they will accentuate bust brining all the attention to it. If you prefer or have to wear t-shirt with a high neckline, choose the slim-fitting t-shirt and wear it together with monochrome bottom.

     Inverted Triangle Body Shape needs to minimize top half visually in order to balance it with light looking hips. Avoid any details on the top: patterns, ruffles, draping, pockets and so on. Also avoid shoulder pads, epaulettes, keep you shoulder line simple.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape has slim hips so you can make use of that. Wear fitted skirts of bright colours, with prints to divert attention from the top to bottom part. Slim hips and legs allow you to wear skirts with interesting designs and details: contrasting trims, hems, gored skirts, kick pleats. Panelled or A-shape skirts will look good on you as well.


Inverted Triangle Body Shape typically has slim hips

     You need to avoid tight mini skirts or shorts, especially worn with big volumized tops and heels as this outfit will create a look of unbalanced figure with a bulky top and unproportionally light bottom.

Best choice of footwear for Inverted Triangle Body Shape is flat shoes or low heels.

Dresses for Inverted Triangle Body Shape should be with simple, straight lines, A-line or fit-and-flare, creating volume below the waist (it will make impression of curved hips which is necessary for you). Another recommended option is wrap-over dresses.

For the tops, choose fitted peplum tops with V-neckline. Again, they will create appearance of curves at the bottom, define waistline and will make figure look balanced. Wear them with skinny jeans, pencil skirt or fitted pants.

Choose jackets with sleek lines, cropped, tailored, worn open. Good option for Inverted Triangle Body Shape are notch-collar blazers and tuxedo jackets with V-neckline.

Slim hips allow Inverted Triangle Body Shape wear statement pants and jeans: leggings, skinny jeans, fitted pants, ankle-cropped pants, straight tailored pants. Can use any color, print and texture to focus attention at the bottom.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape is recommended to play rather with colours than patterns in one outfit. For example, two-tone dress darker on top and lighter or brighter below the waist. However some patterns are still acceptable: geometric patterns, like stripes, checks, geometric, squiggles, spots. Avoid gathers at the waist as they will create broadening effect.

Recommended fabrics for the bottom for Inverted Triangle Body Shape are sharp and crispy: cotton, linen, gabardine, fine wool, satin, crisp silk, ribbed fabrics.

For tops wear tightly woven crisp textures. Avoid looser textures broadening top part.

Swimwear (as well as underwear) should give enough support at the bust. Choose models with full inner bra structure. Good choices are molded and contoured cups with a lift, structured halters with adjustable tie. Inverted Triangle Body Shape will look good in one-piece suits with cross-over draping or side-wrap effect. Also you can wear two-piece suits with a full-coverage molded bra and wide straps, spaced far apart.


Dressed correctly, Inverted Triangle Body Shape can look really attractive!

Wearing swimwear with color blocs design, make bottom lighter or brighter than top.

Dressing up appropriately, Inverted Triangle Body Shape will look amazing!

You can find information for other body shapes in the post about Dominant Body Shapes.

If you are Inverted Triangle Body shape, was this post useful for you? Have you already tried those tips and how did it work for you? Or maybe you have some more to share, or seek for advice? Please let me know in the comment section below, and we can discuss!


  • Rhea(Posted January 29, 2017, 5:45 AM)

    This felt geared more towards the full-busted inverted Triangles than the athletics. A-ITs don’t have big boobs, and their swimwear is better off with ruffles bottoms usually found in two-pieces or peplum one-pieces.

    Also, some of the advice is contradictory, like not wearing waist gathers when really, IT’s need to emphasize their hips to create the illusion of balance. And patterns all over are generally a no-no, as are skinny jeans, straight legged, and ankle-pants. Flared pants are much better.

    You want simple solids on top to reduce attention to the broad shoulders (big-busted or otherwise) with flared bottoms, pants or skirt or dress, to, again, balance the top. As for dresses, A-lines yes but also empire-waists and wrap dresses are A-IT’s and often B (busty) IT’s friends. Decorative belts can be worn under the bust to create an empire/small waist look, or across the hips as stated in the article, to create a fuller hip – but waist belts should be thin and hip belts should be wide.

    IT’s They should never wear rounded collars, but stick to v-necks and notch-collars. Skirts shouldn’t be fitted unless they are well-fitting with flared bottoms that start just after leaving the curve of the thighs and the wearer is in good enough shape to pull them off (because extra weight bloats the tummy but not sadly the hips in this shape and can actually make the hips look flatter than a slimmer waist would).

    Source: personal experience, long hours of research, and similarly-figured friends.

    • Alina(Posted January 30, 2017, 12:56 PM)

      Thanks so much, Rhea, for your so informative comment and sharing the experience!