Overall look of Apple Body Shape is round or oval

Apple Body Shape has shoulder line softly turning to the bust line, waistline is equal or broader than the hips and typically it’s the broadest part of the figure. Figure overall looks round or oval.

     Prominent tummy is the biggest challenge of Apple Body Shape. Depending on the size, not always it’s possible to hide its prominence by clothing, best solution is to divert attention from it to the top part and face, and to create visual slimming effect by the choice of fashion cuts and colours.

     It’s recommended for Apple Body Shape to accentuate the neckline. Use soft collars, scarves, necklaces. All accessories, whatever they are (earings, hair accessories, bags etc.) have to be a large size. Small size accessories will visually enlarge the body size and not recommended for Apple Body Shape.

 Wear clothing shaping body lines, structured clothing, creating defined shoulder line and visible waistline.

     Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing, make sure you choose the correct size. There always should be a space between body and clothing, it should not “dig” into the skin. But also avoid too large, “sizeless” models. It will look like you are trying to hide inside the clothing, what is actually a common mistake of many ladies with Apple Body Shape.


Apple Body Shape looks good in dresses creating waistline


Another good option of a dress for Apple Body Shape is dress with empire waistline

     Clothing has to drop down in a straight line from the shoulders. Try wearing long overblouses, sweaters, jackets with the skirt. Best choice of the skirt or dress for your body shape is wrap-over models or cut on the bias, not shorter than knee length. Also consider dresses with empire line under the bust, drop waistline, A-line dresses.

     Choosing pants, consider lose, flaring designs. Flaring has to start from the hips. Another option is softer culottes, all worn with longer jackets.

     Try to avoid any details, draping, patterns on your tops. It will create a heavy look making you look bulky. Details have to be used either above the bust line or below the hips. They have to be large to look appropriate on the Apple Body Shape without enlarging effect.

     If you like pattern, make sure they are large size, subtle and mute. Avoid small patterns.

Best decision would be monochrome outfit. Monochrome outfits, specially in deeper colours, always create slimming effect. Choose cooler tones: blue, purple, teal. Avoid red, orange, yellow colors as they have “prominent” quality what makes figure look bigger. However dark shades of red and orange will be acceptable for Apple Body Shape.


Monochrome outfits in cooler colours will flatter Apple Body Shape

     Since usually top part of Apple Body Shape figure is heavier than bottom, you can wear darker shades tops (to create slimming visual effect) with lighter shades bottoms. Do not choose contract colors otherwise it will visually break the figure into two what will make it look bigger.

     Avoid any shiny materials because they create enlarging effect as well.

     Wear soft fabrics as they don’t create additional volume: soft cotton, linen, wool crepe, jersey, knits, silk.


Tankini is a good choice of swimwear for Apple Body Shape

Create slimming effect with vertical lines (therefore, avoid horizontal lines in your outfits). Wear unbuttoned long jackets, vertical line pattern, loose scarves dropping from the shoulder in vertical lines, cardigans worn open above the overblouse.
Choosing swimwear, consider tankini, vest top covering the middle, not too figure-hugging.

     And one more tip for Apple Body Shape is wearing slimming underwear. Make sure you pick your right size, do not try to choose smaller then you are wearing in fact, it may have impact to your health due to compressing effect. Slimming underwear gives really visible slimming effect (however will not help to lose weight).

     Even if your figure doesn’t look like those magazine models have, it doesn’t mean it cannot look good. The only needed is to dress it correctly.

     As for myself, I am also an Apple Body Shape with a mix of Rectangular. So dressing up the tummy area and creating appearance of the waistline is one of my key concerns. Tips above help me to divert attention from problem area and create appearance of Hourglass.

    If you are Apple Body Shape, are those tips working for you? Or maybe you also have some other tips for flattering dressing up? Feel free to share your opinion, ideas or experience in the comments section below. I will be very happy to hear from you, guys! 


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