Widest part of Pear Body Shape figure is hips

Pear Body Shape has shoulders narrower than hips. Hips are wide while waist is thinness the thinnest part.

Main challenge for Pear Body Shape is to minimize hips visually by accentuating bust and waist.

If your Body Shape is Pear, avoid slim-fitting single layered tops as it will highlight the hip width and visually create not balanced figure. Or wear them with full or A-line skirts and a statement belt. Another way is to create a balanced look with combination of clothing. You need to divert attention from the bottom to your top to create slimmer looking hips. For example, by wearing bright or light colors, statement tops, jackets and cardigans.

Very often it’s difficult to choose proper pants for Pear Body Shape. Avoid skinny, tight pants and jeans, instead give preference to straight type and high waist pants/jeans. Choose pants with leg cut high and angled.

To minimize the hip size visually, do not use any details at the bottom parts, choose models without pockets.

Unlike pants, tight pencil skirts look good on Pear Body Shape. Make sure you choose the proper size otherwise too tight pencil skirt on noticeable hips will draw much of attention to this area widening it even more. Heels worn with pencil skirt will make you look slimmer and taller.  For skirt models, give preference to designs with simple lines like A-shape or straight.


Pear Body Shape should not use details on the bottom part

     Ladies with this type of body shape may experience difficulties with jackets when they fit at the top but tight at the bottom. Just wear bottom button loose, it still will look good.

To make difference between top and bottom less noticeable, you need to use details on your to half: any fashion details, collars, pockets, buttons, double-breasted jackets. Remember a rule: details always make enlarging effect by drawing attention to themselves. If you want to look bigger at any of the figure part, use them. Want to look smaller – avoid.

Used on the top half, details will draw attention there diverting attention from hip area and minimize the bottom.

For tops, wear pattered design, horizontal stripes, twin-set tops, waistcoats, t-shirts and ruffles.

One-shoulder outfit is a good option to draw attention to the top.

Another option is designs of color-blocks for the top. Just make sure top is lighter or brighter than bottom.

If your bottom is rounded, you need easing at waistline (gathers, soft pleats), but not all over the waist (it may create bigger look).

For fabrics, Pear Body Shape needs to avoid crispy materials for the bottom part. They create enlarging effect which means additional weight. Instead, choose light to medium weight fabrics with minimum texture: wool crepe, jearsey, challis.

Best prints for the bottom are floral, curved abstracts, Paisley.

Recommended fabrics for the bottom are medium to heavy weight: cotton, linen, woolen fabrics, crisp fabrics. They create additional volume on top what is recommended for Pear Body Shape.

You can also choose light fabrics for the top but wear them layered.

Recommended necklines for Pear Body Shape are boat-shaped as they visually widen the shoulders. It will create more balanced look of the figure having wide hips.


Many celebrities have Pear Body Shape figure


If you wear long tops, do not finish it at the widest hip point. Top bottom line has to be above or lower than that. Finishing at the widest point (creating a horizontal line) will widen the hips. Use the same rule for swimwear selection.

A few tips for swimwear designs. If difference between shoulders and hips is extreme, one-piece suit will be a good option to smooth out the difference.


Sometimes for Pear Body Shape it’s necessary to buy different sizes of two-piece swimwear suits: for the top and bottom. Do so to achieve a perfect fit and better look.


Pear Body Shape has very feminine curves

     And remember: whatever your body shape is, you can look great. Keep on trying, and you will find what’s best for you!

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