Hourglass body shape has naturally balanced proportions

Hourglass body shape is naturally balanced in proportions and considered as most attractive woman’s shape. It does visually remind appearance of an hourglass with wide top and bottom while middle is very thin.


Hourglass body shape has defined bottom and bust, not necessarily large, but curved, hips are rounded. Waist is also clearly defined and smaller than hips at least 25 cm. This is the most classic body shape and considered the most feminine. All other body shapes do try to balance their proportions in order to achieve Hourglass Body Shape look.


Hourglass Body Shape has defined bust, bottom and waistline


Hourglass Body Shape needs to keep waistline highlighted

If your figure is Hourglass Body Shape, you do not need visual correction of the figure, and your clothing can follow natural curves of body shape.

However challenges Hourglass Body Shape may have is not to look bulky in loose design clothing, so one of necessary things is to keep waistline highlighted. Without this clothing may look too wide at the waist area what  makes impression you are bigger than you are in fact.

       Use belts to accentuate your waistline. This is the easiest and fastest way, especially when you wear loose dresses. Make belts your one of main fashion accessories. You can find more information about how to accentuate your waistline in the other post from the link.

       Avoid baggy tops or dresses worn loose, give preference to shaped models.

      If it’s jackets, make sure they are fitted with defined waistline, otherwise complete the look with a belt.

     Best fabrics for Hourglass Body Shape are soft, eased, gathered. Choose fabrics which can follow your natural body shape: silk, cotton, linen, beats, jearsey, polyester, tightly woven gathered to relaxed wool crepe.

Sleeves model most recommended for Hourglass Body Shape is raglan (eased or gathered). Also you can wear set-in sleeves made in soft fabrics.

Your body shape allows to wear any type of woman’s pants and jeans. Just make sure waistline is highlighted.


Hourglass Body Shape can wear any type of woman’s pants

     Recommended necklines for Hourglass Body Shape are ruffled, draped, round and crossover.

     If you like to dress up into clothing with pleats, choose soft pleats instead of crisp ones.


Any models of  swimwear suits Hourglass Body Shape well

Regarding prints on clothing, dress up into soft designs. It can be a polka dot, floral, soft abstract designs. However due to naturally balanced body shape, you also can feel free to wear stripes, checks/plaids or spots.

Any models of swimwear will be good for Hourglass Body Shape as it exposes the balanced body shape. You can feel confident with exposing the natural difference between bust-waist-hips dimensions.

   You can find information for other body shapes in the post about Dominant Body Shapes.

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