Rectangular body shape has two variations:

– straight rectangular body shape;

– softened rectangular body shape.


Rectangular body shape has shoulders and hips in line 

     Both types have shoulders and hips in line reminding rectangular as you can see in the picture. Rectangular body shape figure can be skinny, saggy, athletic, boyish or a bit chunky. If your figure is rectangular, you don’t have body curves and need to create their appearance with clothing.

     Difference between two types of rectangular body shape is in the waist-hips measurements.  Straight rectangular body shape has waist measurements at 15 cm (or less than that) smaller than hips measurements, waist is defined not clearly. While softened type has this difference at 18 cm or more, waist is more clearly defined.



Rectangular body shape needs to appearance of curves, correct choice of clothing can help you

Straight body shapes need to soften edges of the figure and create appearance of curves. To achieve this, use details on the hips and bottom.
Necklines creating curve effect look good on rectangular body shapes: scoops, wraps, V-necklines, draped, cowl, sweetheart necklines. 


     Details on the waist have to be avoided. Since waist is not defined, avoid accentuating and drawing attention to this zone, do not wear noticeable belts or waistbands.

     Best for rectangular body shape is straight clothing line. Keep you look uncluttered.

Choosing clothing designs, give preference to sharply structured designs (creating shape of the figure), as well as unstructured (hiding some figure details). Jackets and dresses creating waistline and/or having peplums will look good on rectangular body shapes.

Wrap around tops with V-necklines make feminine look by creating curves and defining waistline.


Wear sharply structured as well as unstructured designs

     Sleeves can be straight, tapered, crisp. Good option is set-in sleeves as they are comfortable and create straight shoulder line what complements rectangular body shape.

     Good underwear choices for you are molded or padded bras, bras with light push-up effect as they create appearance of natural curves making boyish type figure feminine looking. For special occasions you can wear shaper bodysuit.

     Best fabrics for this type of body shape are tightly woven. It can be wool gaberdine, linen or Thai silk.


Rectangular body shape


Typically rectangular body shapes has flat hips and bottom. Bottom clothing with minimal gathers or no gathers at waistline will suit them best. Give your preference to straight darts or pressed down pleats as well.


     Soften straight body shape has the same recommendations as straight type. However has more clearly defined waistline and can make use of that by accentuating the waist and wearing belts.

     Soften rectangular body shape will be complemented with inverted pleats and gathers on skirts at the sides of tummy.

     Best choices of fabrics are tight to moderately woven weaves. Avoid loose weaves not complementing your body shape. Good options are double knits in simple neat designs. Also jearsey fabrics in simple cuts without to much volume are good choice.


Structured fitted design suit rectangular body shapes

Shiny and shimmering materials reflecting light (satin, sequins) create enlarging effect. On rectangular body shape these types of materials used for tops look good as create additional volume at the top and appearance of curves.
Wearing jackets, prefer either fitted models or unstructured jackets nipped in with a belt or open. It will allow to highlight the waistline and make rectangular body shape figure look balanced.

     If you like prints, wear small florals, abstract graphics, animal prints. Color block dresses are also a good option. Visually breaking the figure, they make it shapelier.

    Pants are not a challenge for rectangular body shape. Worn with a correctly chosen top, any model will look good.

    I am a mix of Rectangular and Apple Body Shape. So usually I have to consider both shapes challenges and style advice. Most often it works for me to create appearance of Hourglass Body Shape by wearing high waisted skirts and pants, and empire waistline tops or dresses visually shaping my figure. What dressing tips works for you best? Were tips above helpful for you? Please share you thoughts in the comments section below, I’m very interested to hear your opinion!

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