Cleaning your wardrobe, you have to decide what things to remain and what to remove. You have to go through every single thing trying it on or bringing close to your face. Sort out all the clothing into 3 piles: “yes”, “no” and “maybe”. “Yes” things to remain in your wardrobe, “No” should be thrown or given away. 

       If it’s hard to take decision about “Maybe” items, keep them somewhere away from your warbrobe and return back to them later to take decision.

       Follow the rules below to understand whether any of your old clothing is worth to keep or not.

     1) this clothing fits your figure

If this clothing item fits you not perfectly, it has to be removed from the wardrobe or get adjusted in the tailoring salon if it is possible or worth to do. The better clothiong fits you, the better you look. It’s not a good idea to keep clothing for the case if you lose or gain weight.

     2) colour suits you

Clothing should be not only comfortable but also must complement you. Make sure colour suits you, highlights your eyes, make a nice contrast or complements your hair colour, make your skin looking healthy and fresh. If you are not sure what colours are good for you, find it in our post about fashion colours selection.

     3) the thing is in a good condition

Is this thing old, faded, stretched or rubbed? Then it’s time to throw it. Clothing looking old gives a signal to other people that you don’t care of yourself or don’t want anyone to look at you. Not to be afraid of people’s attention, you always have to look good.

     4) it’s not old fashioned

It’s not about difference between this year and last year fashion. You have to look modern and dress according to modern time and fashion.

     5) you haven’t worn it for a long time

     If it’s not a dress for special events and celebrations. If it’s everyday clothing for the current season and you haven’t worn it for a month or more, ask yourself “Why?” Most probably you know the answer. This thing is not fitting you, having colour not suitable for you or looking old? Then it’s definitely “No” pile. Or maybe thing itself is good but you don’t know how to wear it? You may think how to extend your wardrobe and find a good combination for this item.

     6) you enjoy wearing this thing

     Note how you feel wearing it. Do you feel hiding into your cardigan or feel more confident in it? Have you ever get compliments wearing it? Remember the concept of 10 points scale.

     7) what is this thing telling about me?

     Be ready to answer this question regarding every wardrobe item. Answers will help you to use appropriate clothing in different situations.

     Don’t try to justify clothing which is not good enough to remain in your wardrobe. Cleaning your wardrobe properly, you bring your wardrobe and look to a new level.

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