It’s very important to know your body shape. Knowing that, you will be able to compose your outfits correctly and make your figure look balanced and attractive.

     Absolutely every body, every figure has advantages and challenges. There is nothing wrong with it. If you consider yourself looking not enough attractive, not enough slim, suffering because of figure challenges – it means your wardrobe doesn’t fit your body shape.

     Absolutely every body shape can look attractive regardless of the size, height and constitution. They only what you need is to know your body and dress it accordingly. Believe, dressed according to your body shape will make you look amazing! And doesn’t matter what your size is.

     There are five dominant body shapes, let’s list them first:


Hourglass body shape

1) Hourglass Body Shape

– you wear the same size for the top and bottom
– you have a clearly defined waist
– you have a clearly defined bust
– you have a curved bottom

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      2) Pear (Triangle, A-shape)

– you wear a larger size on your bottom half than your top
– you have a clearly defined waist
– you have narrower shoulders than hips
– you carry weight on your hips or thighs

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Pear (triangle) body shape


Apple body shape

3) Apple (Round, Oval) Body Shape

– you have rounded shoulders
– you have fullness in the tummy area
– you have wonderfully shaped legs
– you feel uncomfortable when clothes are tucked in

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   4) Rectangular (Straight) Body Shape

– you have shoulders and hips in line
– you have no waist definition
– you have flat hips and bottom
– you carry any extra weight around your middle

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Rectangular body shape


Inverted triangle body shape

 5) Inverted Triangle Body Shape

– you have an athletic build
– you have wider shoulders than hips
– you have a straight rib-cage
– you prefer an uncluttered look

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      If you are not sure what exactly your body shape is, you can drop me an e-mail (see About page) or contact via Contact page and we can think together!

     Every body shape has lots of outfit variants. You will find detailed style recommendations for each body shape in our according posts, but let’s remember the main concept: to make your figure looking good you need to highlight advantages and hide/ or correct visually/ or divert attention from figure challenges. Doing that, you will make your figure look balanced and having balanced proportions. Proportions always make the difference and this is what matters, not the actual body size.

     Some figures are a mix of two or more body shapes. For example, your top is closer to one body shape while bottom to another. It’s also absolutely ok and will not be a problem. Mix recommendations for different body shapes to achieve the best result.

     Even thought every body shape has individual style recommendations, some are common for all:

  1. Highlight or visually create waistline

     Whatever your body shape is, you would like to look slim. Appearance of waistline works well for achieving this effect

  1. Wear monochrome outfits

     One more item helping to look slimmer and taller

  1. Wear heels to look taller

     Heels not only give additional centimeters to your height, but visually elongate legs and body what also helps to look slimmer.

  1. Outfit must make figure balanced looking. Yes, it’s mentioned above, but this is the key concept so good to remember.

     It means, wearing something tight, complete it with loose items. For example, wear loose top with fitting bottom (pencil skirt or fitting pants). Or loose bottom (volumized skirt or wide pants) with tight top. These combinations will create appearance of naturally balanced Hourglass Body Shape. Combinations of all tight or all loose clothing usually doesn’t look chic or stylish.

     And remember: whatever your body shape is, just dress it well, and you will look amazing!





Guys, so what is your opinion, do you find it’s that important to consider your body shape? Do you experience any challenges in dressing up? Feel free to share your opinion, give feedback or seek for advice in the comment section below, via e-mail or Contact page. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading!


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