Let your wardrobe score 10 points out of 10


      Concept we are going to discuss is the most important in your approach for shopping. Think of it every time when you are going to purchase any clothing.

      Set a scale of suitability for your clothing from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Every item of your wardrobe should score 10 points out of 10 and not a point less.


     Clean your wardrobe from not necessary and not fitting you things and fill it with an excellent quality clothing. If you want to improve quality of your wardrobe, you have to increase the quality of items composing it.

     Definitely your wardrobe already has one or a few items scoring 10 points. And you are wearing them when it’s really necessary. Job interview, date, important business meeting or other significant events which you might not plan earlier – every time when we face this kind of situation, we take 10 points items from our wardrobe and put them on ourselves.

      Then why not to do the same at our regular days? Isn’t it because we think we are not going to lose anything at these days? True, significant events happen in our lives not every day. But trying to dress up only for special events we close ourselves for good opportunities, about which we may not be aware in advance and may lose our chance.

     Keeping in mind 10 points scale will help you to set highest standard requirements to your wardrobe.

    Every wardrobe item is able to score 10 points: office suit, casual jeans, t-shirt. 10 points item fits you perfectly, its color is complementing you, it highlights advantages and hides disadvantages of the figure. Clothing is able to score 10 points only in a excellent condition, its material looks new and fresh. You get compliments when wearing these 10 points items. Be attentive to that compliments as they are signs that you are dressing up correct way.

     The most important is you feel excellent wearing 10 points clothing. You feel pretty, confident and full of energy.

     It’s not difficult to recognize 10 points items during your shopping. But first of all you have to promise yourself to look for, buy and wear clothing deserving only 10 points scoring.

    And another thing to remember while composing a wardrobe. Do not make your wardrobe just a collection of separate things. Every single piece of your clothing must allow you to create a number of good outfits in combination with other clothing from your wardrobe. And all together your clothing have to create your style (you can find more tips about how to create an individual style in other posts like FIRST STEPS TO DEVELOP YOUR STYLE and HOW TO DEVELOP STYLE). Also make sure all the clothing from your wardrobe matches your lifestyle, your personality, compliments your natural coloring (read more in the post CHOOSE YOUR RIGHT FASHION COLOR) as well as body shape, body scale and proportions. Make sure your style looks current and appropriate. 

    In fact you will not need a gigantic wardrobe but if every single piece of clothing complies to the requirements above, a few number of things in combination with each other will allow to create a large number of outfits.

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