What to wear today? Sometimes this question becomes a daily problem for many women, Having complete basic wardrobe will help you to solve it.

     What is basic wardrobe?
     This is a core of the wardrobe: simple things which allow you a huge variety of combinations. Core wardrobe itself may look too plain, but it will look complete with your favorite fashion pieces and accessories.  If basic wardrobe composed correctly, it will help you to create good style daily outfits with less or no efforts.

     Basic wardrobe items are classic and really effective cause allow to create a nice body shape. You can wear other layers of clothing above it using absolutely different styles. Classic clothing suits most of women regardless of the size. 

     Basic clothing is a foundation of the wardrobe. These things never become fad, can be worn for many situations and money spent on them will be a good fashion investment.

     There is no exact rule what clothing your wardrobe should contain. First of all,  you are the one determining your style. Also usually work conditions and climate have a significant impact to it. 

     However, there are a few items that can suit different situations from weekend relaxed walk to office work, they are easy to combine, making you feel comfortable and look well-dressed:

     1) perfect fit jeans
     Correctly chosen jeans will help to shape your hips. You can find jeans for any body type and taste preference. Find the best jeans you can find and buy regardless of the price. Nowadays jeans manufacturers are very skilful and u can find excellent quality and style jeans at affordable price. 
There are a few common types of jeans: straight, skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, boyish, flare. Try them all to find what fits you best.  Your fashion will totally change once you find your perfect pair of jeans. 

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Basic wardrobe includes jeans as long as other core items


White shirt is a universal item of basic wardrobe

     2) white shirt
     This is universal wardrobe item. You can wear it below the blazer together with jeans,  can tuck into black pants,  wear it with vest or belt to highlight the waistline. It’s a must-have for casual style. In formal situation u can wear it with a formal suit or pencil skirt. 
Quality of material is very important as you will be wearing it a lot. Best choice is cotton,  it’s soft,  light and comfortable for wearing

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     3) white t-shirt
     You should have 3 nos. of perfectly fit t-shirts. Also you may have to change idea of acceptable t-shirt price. Best t-shirts, those which you really like on other women, are not cheap. Wearing them, you bring your outfit to a new level. 



White t-shirt


Little black dress (LBD)

     4) little black dress (LBD)
     Perfectly fit little black dress will help you if you have  to attend an event with no earlier planning. This dress is not necessarily really little or short but itself it’s always plain and showing your figure in its best.

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     5) cashmere jamper/sweater
     In this case material means a lot. Sweater made from a good material like кашемир looks and feels much better,  u and all others will notice it. 
It’s soft and expensive looking,  doesn’t create unnecessary volume, doesn’t crumple, keeps the warm and it’s much lighter than wool. This material is a sign of chic and self-realization your are sending to the world. 

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Cashmere jumper/sweater


Trench coat

     6) trench
     Absolutely necessarily wardrobe item for rainy weather. It looks stylish and protects you from the rain very well. It looks equally good with jeans and a short dress. Trench is very elegant and never becomes outdated. 

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     7) blazer (white or black)
     This wardrobe item is able to transform your style totally. For example, it can turn jeans and t-shirt outfit to the outfit acceptable for office wearing. Blazer should shape your shoulders, highlight the waistline, create a nice decollete line so you will feel comfortable both at work in the office or having dinner in a good restaurant. 

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basic-wardrobe-basic-wardrobe-5 Blazer outfit


Pencil skirt

     8) black or dark blue pencil skirt
     Skirt should perfectly fit u and to be done from a high quality material. In future u can buy more of these skirts in different colors (light and pastel colors for blondes,  brighter colors for brunettes) and materials (wool,  linen,  silk). It’s absolutely necessary item of your wardrobe. 

     9) classic black pants
     In some situations black pants are better option than dresses or skirts. It will create a universal and pretty look together with a nice silk blouse and high heels. Sometimes it’s not easy to find perfecrly fitting pants. However if you spend some time and find them, it will be a great advantage to your outfit options.


Classic black pants


Silk blouse

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     10) silk blouse
     In a combination with a perfectly fit pencil skirt it makes a good office outfit. Always to try choose a blouse with the best quality even though it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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     Do you agree with proposed basic wardrobe list? Do you have any of those items in your wardrobe, and do they help you out often? What are your favorite clothing pieces you wear most often?  Please let me know in comments section below!

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