Fashion Colors for Clear Color Type

If you belong to clear color type, your look can be described by following characteristics particular to this color type. Your hair is deep dark color, probably dark brown or black. Your eyes can be either blue, green or topaz color. Lighter than hair color and become the most noticeable and attractive feature. Iris of the eyes is clearly contoured and whites are very bright and white contrasting with the iris and hair color. Probably beautiful eyes are your main beauty asset. If you wear glasses, make sure that lenses are non-reflective and eye color can be clearly seen.




Your eyelash color and eyebrow color are dark, close to hair color or even darker. Your skin can be any tone from light to dark.

If you want to keep your color type, avoid adding highlights to your hair. Instead, you can add some lowlights of brown, deep brown or black color.

Your overall look is very contrasting due to contrast of hair color with eye color. You fashion color palette should balance this contrast.

Clear color type looks best in combination of contrasting colors, dark shades with bright or light shades. This would be your perfect color combination in the outfit.

If you want to dress up into a single color, choose brightest color from your color palette. If you don’t like to wear bright colors in your clothing, try to wear bright accessories to create the necessary contrast in the outfit so crucial for clear color type. Your accessories have to be bright colors or looking like sparkles.

Wearing white color, combine it with another bright or black color to keep light and dark contrast.

Clear color type may have warm or cool tones in eyes and hair color. If you have cool tones, porcelain skin, blue tinge in skin or hair color, choose cooler shades from your color palette. If you have warmer tones in your eye, hair or skin tone, wear warmer colors from the color palette.

And always remember to keep your look bright and contrasting.

If you are still not very sure whether you belong to Clear Color Type or other types, you can try an experiment. Go to any fashion or department store and try to bring near the face (better if below the face) any piece of clothing with colors from the Clear Color Type palette temporary and see whether they work for you. Try different colors and observe the effect. If your face becomes looking more attractive, skin looks smoother and glowing, no signs of tiredness on your face (dark circles, red eyes), skin imperfections become less visible, than it’s your colors. If Clear Color palette does not suit you so well, probably you belong to another color type. Try colors recommended for other color types one by one and see which color palette is the most complimenting for you. Trying them one by one, you will be able to figure out what is the color type you belong to.

You can contact me if you are still not sure about your color type and need help. We can think together!

And you are welcome to comment and leave feedback in the comments section.

Image below shows fashion color recommended for clear color type.

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