Have you ever thought our wardrobe and image may affect our career, relations? And help to solve or create some difficulties in our life?

Hiding nudity is not the only function of the clothing, another significant function is image making.  Wherever we are, we instinctivly notice what other people are wearing. Style is a language based on signs permanently sent to other people, and they are understood on intuition level.

We may approximately guess income level (rich or poor), occupation or marital/relations status (tight little red dress is likely a sign of a woman looking for a partner). All this makes certain impression of us.  If your image is showing wrong intentions it can create additional difficulties in your life. 

Image majorly depends on the clothing you are wearing and your style. Clothing and style go in relation with each other, and this is the most obvious way to express ourselves. Clothing is giving silent signals to other people and telling about us much more than we can tell by words. Even before we start speaking, our clothing does it for us. In fact, impression which we make on people depends on our words not more than 10-20%. The rest is created by our look, body language, voice tone and other nonverbal signals. All together it affects the way how other people see us. That’s why it is really important to realize power of the image and make it work for our advantage and not against us. 

Forming your own unique style is like creating your CV or calling card. People will judge you before you have time to say anything by those non-verbal signs of your look and style. Planning your style wisely is like planning words you are going to say to others. If “words” of your style contradict with your verbal words, people may not realize it consciously but in their minds they will feel something wrong and may get doubts about your words or intentions – because what they see and what they hear does not match. Surely it will compromise an overall impression they can have about you. Make your look  match your purposes and intentions, and it will help to avoid many unnecessary difficulties you could face if otherwise. 

Image can have even deeper impact. Ancient Greeks were saying: “Choose your role and dress it accordingly”. So it is up to us to choose the roles by the wardrobe we choose.
Have you ever thought, what is the role you are playing and do you feel comfortable with it? Change your wardrobe and it may help to change your life. 

This site will help you not only to revise your wardrobe and look your best, but also understand and be able to set the style  language signs. You will learn how to control the impression you make to other people with your style. 

Let’s begin!


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