choose bag size

     There is a rule recommended by professional stylists I learnt recently and would like to share it here. Bag size has to be proportional to body scale and […]

Fashion Trend: Military style Silk Scarf

     Military style is one of the fashion trends in 2016-2017 season. It features clothing and accessories styled as military uniform. It’s typical colors are khaki, dark greens, beige […]

     Belts are really functional fashion pieces as well as play role of accessory. They are fixing our clothing, we need them especially when wearing jeans and trousers, and […]

Silk Scarf: Leopard Print

     Leopard print is rather a classic fashion print. It was popular throughout XX century and still remains popular nowadays. It’s very trendy this season so let’s talk about […]

Elevate Your Style with Silk Scarves!

     Silk scarves are highly elegant fashion accessory. They are able not just complement the outfit and create complete look, but also elevate it to absolutely different level. Wear […]

Find Right Underwear Size: Bra Size

Follow my blog with Bloglovin      Underwear is not seen from outside, but it affects the overall look of the outfit. How foundation of the house holds the entire […]

Dress Up to Look Slimmer!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin      Sometimes many of us wish to look slimmer. And sport and healthy diet are not the only helpers in creating slimmer look. By […]

How To Look Younger?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin      How to look younger? Probably this is one of questions most women are interested in.      After some study and observation, I […]


Follow my blog with Bloglovin       For some people it may be a difficulty to keep their style looking modern. This style issue may be specially familiar to mature […]