Fashion Trend: Military Style

Fashion Trend: Military style Silk Scarf

     Military style is one of the fashion trends in 2016-2017 season. It features clothing and accessories styled as military uniform. It's typical colors are khaki, dark greens, beige colors, brown, black, grey, navy blue, sometime including bright color accents like red, white, golden.

     In this season military style looks even more special as it's suggested to be combined with other styles, sometimes incompatible from the first sight: glamour style, chic or grunge style.

     Maybe you already have seen fashion stores full of military looking coats and jackets, which is exactly the top season trend.

Military Print Silk Scarf
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     Military style adds freshness to the look, makes it dynamic and modern.

     But what is not trendy and may be a misconception of some fashion lovers is to dress totally from top to toe into military styled clothing. You don't have to be mistaken with the soldier or officer. So wearing military coat, put on a feminine ruffles or pleated dress underneath instead of paring it with jeans and soldier boots. The same boots will look very stylish worn with ruffles dress and biker jacket for example. Pairing the style opposites is another fashion trend which military trend fits very well.

     Wearing military, make sure your femininity is not lost. Dressing up into a such a highly manly style, feminine pieces need to be added.

Military Print Silk Scarf
Scarf is available for purchase. Please click the image to proceed to seller store.

     If wearing military styled clothing looks too bold, or if you do not prefer to spend much on peak trends which may be gone in a while, instead of clothing you can add military printed accessories to your outfit.

     For example, classic outfit made of little black dress, pointy toe shoes and classic frame shades can be very well complemented with military print silk scarf. It will look as extraordinary fashion accent, will make the outfit not just classic but very trendy as well.

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