Flattering fashion colors depend on natural coloring type


     One of the base things you need to know when forming your style is what fashion colour is right for you.

     Mix of skin, hair and eyes colors determines your natural color type (that's ok if your hair is dyed, consider your current color), which in its turn determines your right fashion color palette. This is one of crucial items to consider selecting your clothing and accessories.


    Your recommended fashion colors have to be worn near the face. Reason is clothing reflects light upwards directly to the face. If fashion color is chosen correctly, it will complement you, reduce appearance of dark circles and wrinkles, will make you look fresh and rested, will complement your individuality. This is the power of correct color. And opposite, wrong fashion color will make you look stressed, tired, not having good quality sleep. It will highlight appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags, even if you don't really have them.

     Maybe, you already had to experience this situation. Have you ever been told by others that you look tired or feeling unwell while you were pretty well? Surely, this is because of wrongly chosen fashion color in your outfit. This is the reason why it's so important to know your coloring type and recommended colors.

     Coloring type can get changed over years. Light blond hair may become darker, black hair get aging highlights over time. Also, changing your hair color to different from what you are wearing now has impact to your coloring type. It means your recommended fashion color palette also may change, and those working for you well before, might not work anymore. Do keep it in mind.

     There are two ways to determine your coloring type. First, is just read the description below and see what suits you best. Click to the respectful link to find out detailed information and recommended fashion color palette.

      - Do you have light hair and light eyes? (please follow the link if  you do)

      - Do you have dark hair and dark eyes and/or dark skin? (please follow the link if  you do)

      - Does your hair have red tones? (please follow the link if  it does)

      - Do you have grey or completely black hair? (please follow the link if  you do)

      - Is your hair dark and you have bright or light eyes? (please follow the link if  it is)

      - You are rather mixture of all and don't fit anywhere else? (please follow the link if  you are)

      After determining your color type, keep it in mind to choose your  right fashion color, and it will give amazing results!



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